I had never paid attention to the nature of words. To the entity called Word. Did we know every word has it personality, what it chooses to convey? What a miraculous vehicle to connect to another! What a wonderful tool to touch and see one’s own feelings/ thoughts! When I write and read it some time later, all the nebulous feelings and thoughts which created them, find a solid persona on the screen. They stand out, some quiet and stating their truth, while some yell and prance joyfully. Some skip across the page like a stone thrown across still water, leaving ripples upon ripples, stirring the mind, stirring the heart, stirring the soul. Some jump at you in their sheer violence, while some caress like a lover. Some feel like open wounds, as they bleed out their pain through the sharp, pointy hooks of the alphabet, while some are like old ones, that ache once in a while, like old bones on a rainy day, reminding one of old bygones. Some embrace one, like an old friend, filling the heart with their assurance and their warmth taking away all loneliness.

I wonder whether the physical quality of words are meant by the writer. Or does the unique combination of the words create their personas. Does it depend on the writer or the reader? Who imbues the Word with its special personality?



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