The Point of it All

I still remember those days, vividly. I had just finished reading Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’. My mind and being had been ‘jhanjhodoed’ (shaken?) by the imagery of what the Universe could be. And I went into, straight from the external to the internal, unwittingly, into Gary Zukav’s “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”. Is there any way I can describe what happened? A total wonderment at the understanding of what “as within so without” meant? The time was like that. Of sheer Magic. Zen. Mathematics. Astronomy. Heady combinations.

And thus started a never-ending journey … a million miles I have come and a million miles still await me…

25 years down the journey, and I know only one thing. That I don’t know. That I shall never know. That it was never meant to be known. That, probably, it is only meant to be experienced, perhaps internalized, and to be marveled at.

I now read, work and try my hand at everything with no boundaries, with no beliefs or disbeliefs. Any subject that takes my momentary fancy. Obscure ones. Well-defined ones. Unbelievable ones. Believable ones. Fiction. Non-fiction. Linear, tangential, macro, micro, within, without … it does not matter.

I have come to realise that everything I come across, that can be understood by my five senses and maybe a sixth one too, only continues to add to my deep understanding that I do not know. I enjoy this knowing. Of not knowing. It is so totally mysterious. Curious. And life becomes one long exploration.

In the end, perhaps, nothing matters. Nothing we do or don’t matters to this superstupendous organism called Universe. It goes its way. It has its way. And we are but non-existent points of energy in its vast, vast, vast undulation…

All that matters, to me, because I live, I feel, I think, and beyond all this I need a meaning to my existence, is how I love it, live this journey and how I choose to travel it.



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