Science of Believing

I have a curious feeling that I am being gently ridiculed for my understanding of things – an understanding that is not based on ‘science’ and ‘logic’. Understandings being dismissed as ‘beliefs’ and superstitions, by Siphra …:)

Perhaps they are. I could go into countering with ‘evidences’ that substantiate my understandings, by personal experiences of others, of countless numbers of observations of many people. I play and toy with the idea. I have done my homework. 3 years of intense reading and learning and developing a whole lot of non-cognitive answers and understandings to situations … and think, no, it is not necessary for me prove anything. I could however give pointers to the directions I have taken, no more.

I am also currently doing a case-study on Ethics of Science & Technology and its impact and implications on people’s lives … focussed on issues of post-disaster reconstruction, with other 4 teams doing case-studies on Non-pesticide Management, Water, Climate Change and Reproductive Health … drawing its understanding from an Indian S&T manifesto being developed. One of basic understanding here is that Science & Technology have taken on a blinkered view of life, that in its heady growth, it has perhaps laid aside many aspects of non-quantifiable nature. That its limitation lies in its inability to engage with complexity of the multitudinal reality, that experiments in the labs are in controlled environments and the results thus reflect only part of reality.

But then Science has always been arrogant. It does not understand or even accommodate what it cannot “see” … even though more and more science is coming around to the deeper understanding of how Truth and Reality are relative.

It is not as if I do not agree with limited aspects of Science or find it seductive, its logic and systematic ability to develop a picture most intriguing. But somewhere, I deeply feel, we are missing the point. What we know is but a miniscule fraction of that which Is.

And often times the Mind cannot see what the Heart can understand …the paths that the Soul and Spirit follow …



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