The Gathering Storm

… and just when we think we have worked out the way we want things to be life, the rollercoaster starts. Here we are, in our bright and brilliant mid-30s, “settled” in our careers, have set up our homes, have finished with our ‘planting’ work and are waiting for the harvest or are probably already enjoying our harvest … we have had our share of power struggles and perhaps lost and won a few, our arrogance has started to brim and perhaps spill over … we are perhaps getting in a groove….and the ending of the beginning begins. We feel vague feelings of restlessness. We want vague needs to wanting to explore further, beyond our little ‘kingdoms’. Something begins to call. It feels like a vaguely familiar music played at a distance, with its few haunting notes lingeringly reaching us, now and then. It is our Soul’s Siren Call.

If we are able to answer that Call, well and good. If we are willing to leave our ‘safe’ dominions, well and good. It is actually very important to do this – answer the call, and follow it. Because if don’t answer it and go to it, it will come to us. And its coming can feel like a storm. Actually it is like that. There are warning gusts of breeze, throwing up the dusts that have settled into our grooves. And if we instinctively pull in, and close the doors, wanting to sit by the fire while it passes, we may be in for trouble. For this will be no storm that passes. It is a typhoon that comes to take us to our destinies.

It will rattle our homes, shake our foundations, disrupt our electricity, getting more and more intense in its urgency for us to answer it. And foolishly, perhaps we do the opposite. We burrow deeper into our comforts and securities. And that is when IT loses it. By running away from it, we give it no choice except for ripping everything that holds us within. It has no choice but to pull apart our doors and windows. Crash our walls. Bring down the roof. Lay in ruins every one of edifices. And expose us to its nature, until sobbing, broken and humbled we are willing to look at it, accept it, love it, hold it helplessly in utter awe and unite with it.

It is not easy to answer its call or even follow it. Or even to understand it. It probably is not even important to understand it or ‘get’ it. For that is what the journey is about after all. What it asks of us is for us to step out, and foray into its meaning. Listen to its needs and stories. But we find it very difficult. For answering it might seem like having to ‘give up’ everything we have built so far. Might seem like betraying our loved ones. Or not follow a path we have chosen, planned and designed.

It is all in our hands how we receive this Call. How we are able to welcome it, and not fear it. The more we resist, the more all our ‘valued’ possessions will get destroyed. Our homes, our relationships, our work, our dreams, our beliefs, everything… and the longer it will last. It is in our hands whether we walk towards it in anticipation or go dragged and screaming.



One thought on “The Gathering Storm

  1. How did you grow so wise so young, Maaya? This is exactly the journey of life. There are so many letting go’s, so many beginning again’s, so many walking forwards into the unknown. Wonderfully written post, and a very wise Knowing.

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