The Eternal Spring

I had a most horrible thought this morning. It sent cold shivers up and down and sideways and all over my spine and the rest of me. The thought was … what if I could … could … not … gulp … sweat … laugh ???? What if I could not … could not… see the funny side of … things ???

I think it is the greatest, bloody greatest, gift that the Universe could ever have bestowed on us. Without this element life would be unlivable. It is as it is … sometimes one thinks Life has no sense of humor … or worse, it has a totally screwed up one and we are not able to see it. Whichever, whatever … I am glad I can laugh. Aren’t we the only animal that can laugh … except the dolphins and hyenas, of course.

This is the only element, I have found, that keeps me going … when I am caught in rain with no umbrella or when my credit/debit card doesn’t work after I have eaten a full, happy meal at a ritzy restaurant, when I am facing deadlines that scowl and point some very warning fingers at me, when I find that my math doesn’t cover being able to count the pieces of my broken heart, or when my colossal ego collapses at the slightest slights, and … when I encounter all the other disapproving, disapprovable things in this world….

A good laugh is like a light rain in hot summer … it settles the dust, it cools the skin and temperament, it washes away the grime and tiredness and completely refreshes and rejuvenates the soul …

God, ye up in the clouds, seeded in every living thing, running around on the wings of the breeze … thank you for putting those little screwy cells in my brain that allow me to find everything funny.

And … a little secret for all you guys there … one of the most erotic things, the best turn on for women in a man is his ability to make her laugh … ! A man who can make a woman laugh is worth is weight in gold. So say I.



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