Body’s Language

Somewhere, it is true, I have lost my connection with my body. I have lost my understanding of this lifetime home that I live in. This wonderful body, that I use, misuse and abuse, take for granted …

It is odd how the supremacy of the mind has taken over the world. We have stopped listening to our hearts. We have stopped listening to our bodies.

If one talks about unconditional love, it is the body that completely give it to us. Our ego, even our hearts, the mind of course … everything deserts us periodically. But the body no matter what the abuse, stays with us, works for us, slaves for us … beating heart, pumping blood, fetching and carrying for us, taking us wherever we want to go, gives us pleasure too when we demand of it. If we want to learn about unconditional love and giving, we have to learn it from our bodies.

And when we push it too far, and it complains, we curse it. Medicate it. Tune our sense of pain out so that we don’t have to hear its needs. And then it does collapse. We further medicate it, operate on it, cut it open, sew it up, invade it, demoralize it and force it to take us just that bit further.

If there is a rights issue it is here. If there is a ‘caste’ discrimination, it is here. If there are issues of abuse and trust, it is here.

And who bigger culprit than I ???
Sigh …



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