Same old thing!

What is the purpose of Life? Why the hell are we here? What are we doing? … basic questions. Questions which a 13 year old asks .. .and which I have been asking since I was 13 years old… and always, always the great silence.

Am tired of living with no answers. Of the great, blank face of the Universe.


3 thoughts on “Same old thing!

  1. The problem isn't a lack of an answer. It is the refusal to accept the answer because it is not in line with what you want the answer to be. There are no deep answers, there are no "meta-physical" solutions. A simple answer made complicated because of the evolutionary need of wanting to stand out, to feel special.Nothing. There is no purpose. We haven't been sent down by "god" as part of a grander scheme, we are as much a part of nature as a stone, as a drop of water and as an asteroid. Is the constant coming and going of billions of people without serving a "grander purpose" proof enough? Aren't explorations into the far reaches of the universe proof enough that we are trivial as compared to other "heavenly" bodies? Open up to the real world for it is much more beautiful when looked at without wearing the glasses of spirituality, without irrational faiths, without the want to make yourself the center of the universe and recognizing that we are a part of it, not the reason for it. Isn't it more wonderful that through science and rationality we now know that we are made of the same stuff that the great stars are made of, that asteroids are made of? Each of us is made of stars, isn't that breath-taking?

  2. Totally agree with you!!! The silly Ego can't handle being a 'nothing' or worse 'too large a thing' or a 'so large a thing' that we can't figure it out … !Perhaps the all and everything is like little cells and platelets in our blood stream … swimming around and not being able to figure out the larger being in any case…But Siphra, I find it so difficult !!! 😦

  3. I can see I am going to learn some hard truths from you … and i am game! :)But can't the stone or the drop of water too have large enough purpose to exist??? It is not only us … the 'we' encompasses the everything.

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