Strangers ‘n’ Teachers

I have been highly influenced the last month or maybe a few months by strangers, by people whom I do not know or do not know too well or not have had long relationships with. These last few months have all been about ‘new’ people in my life who have brought much enlightenment and opening of soul windows. By strange coincidences and serendipitous ‘meetings’ either online or on blogs or even fleeting face-to-face meetings, these people have influenced me tremendously. Have set processes inside me that have brought about tremendous changes and transformations.

Some of these have been pleasant and some have been very painful.

Particular thanks to ‘siphra’ (i don’t even know your name), Shasha, Pooja, Shunya .. you are among those I do not know at all … and some others whom I have met recently … Vaneeta, Mahn, Prakash, Binu … your writings/sharings on your blogs and in groups have opened questions inside me and perhaps have led to many resolutions. A lot of my recent writings have been influenced by you all …

Thanks! to all of you, my Teachers … one doesn’t always meet one’s soul-mates or soul-friends … nowadays we meet them virtually! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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