Common Wisdom

I am beginning to get an uncomfortable, sneaky, feeling that I am taking myself too seriously. I do feel we should not take ourselves, our life, our experiences, and all else too seriously … we usually do and screw ourselves up. It is a journey after all … and during the journey, we encounter different things, different sceneries, different scenarios, different people. Some hurt, some laughter … some terrific moments of serendipity … some ignominious defeats, some cowardly actions which we would like to forget … some laudable, valiant efforts … some beautiful tender moments … some very frightful, dark, alleys … yes we pass through all this and some more. All of us. Everyone of us. No exceptions.

The only thing that is different is our reactions to it … actually, come to think of it, perhaps not even that!

I mean, all those others who are reading this and those who are not reading it too … how have our experiences been any different, pray tell? Just a different city, different people, and different times .. but essentially same stories … essentially pretty much similar… perhaps many times over even. It begins to feel like the Hindi movies, you know. Tad repetitive, perhaps? Same story line? Different actors/actresses… different performances….

So, what’s my take-home today? I am reminded of an old jingle “We are all in it together, for the fun of it! For the taste of it! ..”.

And that’s precisely that. For the fun of it. For the taste of it. IT being Life.

Cheers !



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