I came across this picture on one of my google searches for something else … serendipity, I say. The picture said, “Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull off the scar off it again and again …?”

And realised how true this was … do we really give ourselves a chance to heal? When everyday we pull off the scabs off our broken hearts to lay it open again, raw and hurting? Un-healing ourselves everytime. Everyday we choose to re-live our hurts and so called betrayals … keep on torturing ourselves. Obsess with the past. For what, one might ask?

Why don’t we just let things heal? What kind of a game is it? Will letting go and healing let go of our power-of-the-victim? Or is it because we then will have to become responsible for ourselves?

Food for thought … and ruminations.



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