Healing wounds

My daughter recently had an accident and hurt herself quite badly. She
had a wound on her leg that was very deep, very large and required 3
layers of stitches. And it has been 3 weeks now and she is just about
able to walk by herself. The point here is not my daughter’s accident
but her wound. And I have learnt a major lesson from this accident and
watching the whole process of her healing.

When there is a wound, it hurts. It HURTS. The wound does nothing
except cry out in pain, letting us know again and again that it
requires attention. That it wants to fill up, wants to heal. And
that’s all what it will want to do – to heal. If we ignore it then it
might just heal by itself, maybe not as well as it would if it had
attention. It might leave an ugly, painful scar. Or it might heal
externally, but remain festering internally. And that is it. When
there is a wound, ALL we have to do is pay attention to it. LOOK at
it. Acknowledge it. Understand what it requires – does it require
stitches? Does it only require a band-aid? Do we need painkillers to
keep ourselves from hurting too much? Do we need someone to hold our
hand, support us, until we can manage by ourself … etc.etc.etc.

We cannot do anything until the wound heals. We can discuss,
rationalize, read up on the problem and seek solutions, share the
stories (don’t we all love that!), tell everyone about it who will
listen, or ‘nurse’ it in isolation, we can cry or we can be brave…
whatever … but none of these matter to the wound (though it might
momentarily makes us feel better). None of this actually *heals* the
wound. The only thing that heals the wound is the regular marham-patti
and dawa-daru. Everyday care. Being with it, and actually removing the
pus (if necessary), cleaning it, putting the medicine, etc. And
eventually it does heal. And with good care the scars might disappear
too …

So, it is with our internal wounds.

And all questions get raised and answered somewhere inside while the healing is taking place, with or without our knowledge…

… and Wisdom happens.


One thought on “Healing wounds

  1. And Wisdom happened in this post as well. Well said Maaya – interestingly, I posted a poem called Wounded Healers yesterday so this title made me smile. The inner wounds need more attention even than the outer ones. The treatment is the same – removing the pus. So well written!

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