One of the reasons why happiness feels so short-lived while sadness/pain feels so long-drawn out is because of the way we ‘feel’ them.

We welcome joy, happiness, fun, love, laughter … embrace it with our whole being. Feel it in every pore. Fill our hearts with it. It is completely, but completely, “lived”. It is lived and it flows out. It seems as if happiness lasts for but a fleeting moment.

Whereas we fear hurt, unhappiness, pain, tears … we refuse and reject it with our whole being. Push it away. Close our hearts to it. It remains completely, but completely, “unlived” within us. It is unlived and it remains … waiting to be ‘felt’, waiting to have its due, waiting to be acknowledged. It feels as if unhappiness lasts a lifetime.

The truth is that both are the same … an emotion – energy in motion. One is flowing energy and the other is a blocked energy.

We embrace happiness and let go of it in a moment. We reject pain and keep it forever.



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