Today I read in another blog I follow… “I miss C. The dead are such bad communicators. They never reply back”, wrote the writer.

I was shocked. By the starkness of the blog entry. By the loneliness and pain in it.

Yes. The dead never reply back.

And suddenly I thought of my loved ones, dying and never replying back. Or of dying myself and never being able to reply back. The silence in that. The absolute, complete, devastating silence.

The idea of Death is a good yard-stick to measure what we really feel. Of understanding what our love for another really means. If we knew he/she were to die tomorrow, what will we do or not do? And THAT should probably be the way we should always love.


One thought on “Yardstick

  1. Beautiful, post, Maya. I tend to believe those we love can sometimes send us a message, especially soon after dying. I was traveling home from my grandmother’s funeral, sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when all of a sudden the notes of her favorite song, Galway Bay, that we played at the end of her funeral, tinkled through my brain and out the other side. I was not remembering the music, or thinking about the music. It tinkled through my brain from left to right and away. Instantly I said “Hi Grandma. I love you.” I knew it was her. And two weeks after my mother’s death I was driving towards her home when a gray owl swooped low and slowly passed across the front of my car, staring right in at me – our eyes meeting. I felt it was a message from my mother. I have written about both of these events on my blog back in the archives. When hearts’ connections are so strong, I sort of believe the connection continues somehow after death. But the silence and inability to have two way communication is difficult. You are so right that we eed to do all that communicating now, while we still can.

    The good thing about your new blog is I am getting to read things of yours I had missed…….but I am not able to read the white type on the right hand side at all. Lots of work redoing your blog, you are doing a great job!

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