Women on Top

Today is March 8. Women’s Day.

What should I write on? The long struggle that women have gone through centuries? The repressions and ignominy that women have suffered through the millennia? The harassment, control, and innumerable burdens that they have carried, carry and will continue to carry all time?

Nah. Nah. NAH … !

Today I would like it to be a celebratory day. I would like to pay my respects, shower my admiration, share in the triumph, and participate in the lives of some wonderful women I have come across in my life. Who, with their sheer joy, courage, compassion and commitment have created spaces in the world, that have allowed the larger spaces to develop. Women who are not celebrities. Women who are not larger-than-life public figures. Women who have just led normal lives. Quietly … okay maybe not so quiet. Women who, like the butterflies, have contributed to creating tornadoes in the world.

Women who are on Top. Women who have come out Tops …

Cheers !


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