Life, are you listening…?

Today I am in protest – in protest with Life. I am on strike. I have decided to go-slow, not live the way Life wants me to, until Life fulfills some of my wishes… it’s not as if I have a million wishes all the time. Just have a few, far and in-between ones. And if Life is miserly about fulfilling even these, then I have a problem with it! And I want to protest and object and let it be known to it!

Humne bhi tere har ik gum ko
Gale se lagaya hai, hai na ?
Ai zindagi …

After all, as the song goes, I have with all seriousness, accepted, lived with, lived through, without too many complaints, at all that Life has demanded of me and thrown at me. I also haven’t asked too much of it, too often … mostly gone along with whatever it has dished out.

So, now I feel it’s Life’s turn… and I demand that Life fulfills my needs, hopes and wishes. Decently. With grace and courtesy. Without creating havoc and tumults around. I expect that after 45 years of living with one another, it will understand me and allow me these rounds of joy and fulfillment. Why allow? I demand that it organizes it for me. In a beautiful, gracious way.

So that, when at the end of Life, I look back, I shall have no regrets living it, will have no grouses against it … and smile at it in deep understanding of a journey that was wonderful! It is now Life’s decision. Does it want itself to be perceived as beautiful and abundant or as a miserly, cold, saturnine process.


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