On Guilt

Guilt is an interesting emotion. It is a thorn in the side, a constant reminder of a misdeed done. Hopefully this thorn does not allow us to do ‘repeat-runs’ of disaster-deeds.

Besides this, the presence of guilt clearly is the presence of dissonance within oneself. What one has ‘done’ or does out of one’s natural response to a situation and what one thinks one should do as a considered response to that situation. We rarely ‘see’ this dissonance within ourselves. We rarely see the instinctual nature behind guilt. We only see the misdeed and conjure up a variety of punishments for oneself. We can deny ourselves the ‘good things’ in life or we can keep ‘giving’ ourselves a bad deal over it. And this punishing ourselves has impacts on everything around. We do not respond to relationships holistically. They become crippled responses. Hence, not only do we punish ourselves, we punish others too. Quite horrifying, if one is able to discover this and see it.

It could be an individual guilt or even a collective guilt. It could be perceived, or it could be real. The response is the same. A denial of what we receive from the Universe. A denial of abundance. A condemnation to an un-abundant state for the “term”.

The “term” carries on probably forever, probably even lifetimes. Until one “sees” the dissonance and accepts one’s nature and natural instinct and lets go of the “should” and “ought”.

Peace, hopefully, can then come in.

Guilt, thus, is a very useful tool. It immediately shows us our dissonances. It highlights those aspects which we prefer to reject. It can help us come to terms with reality of our humanness and hopefully let go the cross of paragon-ness of virtues we tend to carry.



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