One would like to believe that there is a purpose to Life. That there is a meaning to Birth and Death and all that happens in between. And somewhere along the continuum of Living we are told, or we discover that there is no meaning. As Pooja says, we discover there is no Santa, no God. And all hell breaks loose within us. Everyone passes through this darkness this disbelief in discovering the ‘god is dead’ phase. And it is bitter, soul shrivels up, and desolation happens. Somewhere in between the battle with this darkness and learning to live with it, small shifts happen. We begin to watch and slowly we might even begin to see … see that Life happens, inspite of ourselves. Darkness dissolves. But unfortunately to a dense, murky grey. A sense of futility of ‘what the hell am I doing here, after all’ kind of thingy. One battles this too. One feels angry with it. Angry with Life for making us little toys in its grandiose game, where we have no say in the rules, we have no choice. Another battle begins. And slowly we might begin to watch this too and begin to see. Somewhere in between the battle with this greyness and learning to live with it, some more small shifts happen. We begin to sense a larger pattern. We begin to sense that the idea that there is no-choice is also a myth. We begin to realize that actually everything that has happened in Life and everything that is happening and everything that will happen is by our invitation. We have invited the joy, the fun, the pain, the anger, the shit … in fact everything … so that we may see. So that we learn to tune in to the orchestra that is being played by the Universe. So that we can learn to become willingly become the part of the pattern we are meant to be. The greys lighten. The spirit lifts. The questions stop to matter. The need to choose stops being as important as it was.
The watching continues. The seeing continues.

… more when more insights happen .. 🙂


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