The quest for Freedom – 2

But then there is the other dimension …

Sometimes, the idea of the freedom, the search itself is more seductive than the finding. The wanting more enlivening than the acquisition. The search, the quest, the effort more entrancing than its fulfillment. The foreplay more interesting than the consummation. The journey more interesting than the destination. The process of creating rather the success of creation. The engagement with the creation requires the release of the creative energy – which in itself the sharpest form of pleasure. And for this one needs that which one can search for. That which one can create. That which one yearns for. The Divine, sometimes, the most potent object, for the Divine is unreachable. And the yearning for the Divine most poignant, most exquisite. Ravindranath Tagore, in one of his talks had said that he would rather not find God. For if he did, what would then he search?

So, all in all, before one asks for freedom, one has to ask oneself – do i really want to be Free ?


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