The Power of the Feminine

I am sharply aware of the Power of the Feminine. My visit to Bihar brought me sharply in touch with this most misunderstood and underestimated power within us. Neglected and most often buried deep inside, she is primordial and true freedom can only be found when she is released.

Somehow seeing the rivers and the way people have tried to contain them was very symbolic. Serpent like, twisting and turning, churning and tumbling, the power of the river, her force, needs space, needs to spread out, needs to find release and thus her level. Containing this tantric force, trying to dominate it seems futile if not foolish and only makes her energy destructive.
She can be frightening. For she listens to no-one. She is passion, creation, energy, all rolled into one. One can feel helpless confronting her raw, joyous, energy.
At the same time she can be protection, nurture and deliverance. She can actually ferry us across with her flow. She can rejuvenate and revive.
We prefer to only relate to this aspect of her – that of nurture. Of motherhood. Yet feel intimidated by her other facets, of her volatile dance, that can seem uncontrolled (or rather uncontrollable).
Does she demand surrender from us? No. She demands only release.

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