A Pinch of Salt

‘Salt of the Earth’, ‘namak-halal’, ‘namak-haraam’ – phrases such as these very aptly put salt up there where it gets counted. Salt, that little ingredient that goes unnoticed – either too much or too little or not the right variety, and we get screwed without knowing it. Homeopathy lists out the 12 basic salts. Their imbalances trigger a host of problems with our muscles and nerves.

Misunderstood and rejected by the modern-day nutritionists, Salt has gotten a bad name it does not deserve. The salt we eat today is like everything else. Refined to death and the death of us! Like sugar, maida and all the other “white” and “whitened” products, salt today stands as one of the poisons in our everyday lives. What really works is sea-salt and rock-salt … the table salt to be avoided.

Yet, without salt, we would be tired, listless, depressed, suffering from muscle-cramps, aching bones, and what not. Salt brings with it the essential electrolytes those little things that keep the electricity in bodies going, that keep the buzz. That keeps the water circulating, hydrating out cells and helping the oxygen move, keeping us alert and fit, helping our digestions, helping the bellowing of our lungs and keeping our hearts pumping cheerfully. It the grease, the stuff that moves the Life Force in our bodies.

So, here’s to the good salt of the Earth. The next time you are feeling listless, tired, and down … take it with a pinch of salt … literally !


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