Searching for a Community

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We believe we already have a Community. Where we are born, where we have lived our lives, with whom we have grown up with. Our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours. We congregate in groups which makes us comfortable with our belief systems, where our worldview is validated.

Birds of one feather. We cannot dismiss this adage lightly. There is something biological there – this powerful feeling of wanting to be with one’s own kind. By the time we are 20 years old, we have found those linkages, and have formed our cliques. Often they are different from what the family was. More aligned with our vision of our “future” self, more contemporary.

Yet within a decade we feel niggles of doubt. As we go about our business of conquering our world and becoming the reigning kings or queens our very own little kingdoms, somewhere deep within, some tectonic plates begin their shift. Felt as vague twinges of discomfort, uncomfortable questions about our way forward. Questions about the people around us. We “hear” within our deepest layers reverberations of a different music. We being to hear our own Drummer.

As we move along with our day to day living, we find ourselves answering more and more, our own Drummer’s demands, find that our step has changed to a different beat. Sometimes, if we have the courage, we break away, choosing to follow this music. Quite often though, we see this with great suspicion, viewing this Drummer like a Pied Piper, who will take us to the edge of the Abyss. A place of the Unknown. Fearsome. Windy. Lonely.

The challenge is what do we do when we are confronted with the edge. Often we choose to withdraw into the familiar. Maybe making a few changes in our worldview to accommodate the Drummer – just enough so that the beat is not glaringly different. We carry on with this new adapted-music, which is neither here nor there.

Actually what makes us withdraw is the sense of loneliness. Of facing the unknown alone. Of not having that Community that acts as a safety net. Is it true? Are we alone? Has no one else heard the Drummer we are hearing? Is no one else part of the music? How come we hear the orchestra then? How come we hear different rhythms and types all blending into a coherent music aligned with the Drummer’s beat?

There is a Community out there, down there. Invisible from the edge. A Community that speaks a similar language, walks a similar path, towards a similar destiny. More consciously aligned with our own developing consciousness. It is not that we have left the old community. It is just that this Community provides the environment where we can connect, play and create what we are meant to harmonize.

As Robert Wilkinson says, ultimately, all efforts at creating conscious community are part of the “string of pearls,” … each has their own practical and ideal function based in who’s cooperating to what intention. Everyone can find others who share a common dream.

After all every rainbow is made up of different colours. But we need to find our “colour” to be able to effectively play the harmony. An indigo mixed up with a yellow does seem out of place, yet seems magical with its own kind, aligned with the larger principle of Unity.

Towards making a million rainbows !


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