Feelings …

Feelings are so difficult to accept. They have a tendency to overwhelm and drown one out. Until one feels like being on a crest of a huge wave, fast moving, with the ground far below, knowing that the crash will be inevitable.

The world of Feelings is a watery world. Fluid, nebulous, turbulent, murky, unreliable, direction-less, until one doesn’t know which side is up and which side is down, leaving one gasping for breath. They take away all sense of self-control, predictability, and a sense of secure knowledge. They contradict everything that seems correct and the-way-things-should-be. It seems much easier to push them away, and be focused with the mind – more rational, more understandable, clearer, more reliable and more controllable.

Feelings seem to be so much handleable when it comes in a trickle. Allowing one to examine them, know them, and manage them. But Feelings rarely come in a trickle. They come as tsunami-waves washing away everything in their path, destroying every structure one has built, laying waste years of work on belief systems and every other mind-construct.

Until they become larger than Life and have to be confronted.


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