Lessons from the Testimonials of Communities

Lesson – 1

When I heard the testimonials from a variety of people from a variety of marginalized communities, I felt a certain ire at the so-called God. I thought to myself and questioned the eminent entity “are they not your children too …?”. They did seem either to be the neglected children who did not cry or charm enough or alternatively they seemed to be the children of a lesser God – less powerful, more helpless, more like them.

Until my perspective underwent a change. I learnt something from one of the women who came from Chitrakoot. She said “god is hurting us because we have hurt God. we have cut down the forests, polluted the streams and rivers, dug up the earth – uncaringly for our selfish purposes. We have hurt God again and again. So naturally he is angry.”. And in that lay their deeper understanding of the dynamics of give and take with the forces of nature. In that lay their acceptance of what is happening to them, in that lay their fortitute and forbearance.


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