Soul Games

they were woken from slumber deep
“the game for next level starts … !”

“give words their voice so the soul can sing”
his job card said
“and follow the soul-songs
and …don’t fear the fire”
his instructions read
a baton of Faith was handed him

“ignite the soul so it can dream”,
her job card said
“use your soul-song …”
and oh ! you may have to wait”
her instructions said
a Flame of Dream-Fire was handed her

“how will i know who they are…?”
“what if i don’t find the doors ?”
“and if they don’t hear my voice?”
“how long will this take…?”
the questions poured out…

“you will know by your mistakes”
the amused Smile said
“and take Millenia, if necessary…”

“your time starts now … !”

will the job be done?
will the souls be freed?
to sail once more
the Eternal sea?
that my friend
is the Wild Card where
Free Will-y comes in to play


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