An Experiment & a Challenge

I have an unbearable quirk. Of reacting, commenting and replying to anything or anyone – verbal, written … Sometimes it is helpful, but most times it is annoying. And sometimes, I get fed up of it myself !

So, I wanted to see what happens if this ‘remark’able quirk is not given in to. Was it possible to remain silent. Not say anything. I want to experiment with this. It also gives me an opportunity to examine this imp which sits inside me and has to come out with its two bits.

So now when I feel the unbearable urge coming on, I ask myself ‘is it necessary?’, ‘will it make a world of difference to the other person?’, ‘will it make a difference to me?’ and if I don’t get a positive reply, I tussle this imp into silence.

Hopefully it might help my relationships with others!


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