Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained

Until one loses one’s Paradise, one doesn’t understand it. The way it needs to be understood. Fully. A Lost Paradise has the Power of opening our eyes, our minds, our hearts to its nature and truth. It removes blindfolds of blind faith, and disperses fogs of illusions. It brings us in direct contact with its nature.

For this reason alone, I advocate that Paradise should be lost at least once.

Paradise could be anything of immense value – love, faith, work, security … whatever. Losing it creates a space within us. A space that allows a questioning, that gives an opportunity to take a deeper look at it, and understand several other hitherto un-understood dimensions to one’s relationship to this Paradise. In this understanding, we regain what was lost – this time in better quality, in better balance.

Paradise, before it was lost, owns us.
Paradise regained, on the other hand, is owned by us.


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