My Wave Theory

As I sat watching the waves on the sea, I thought waves are excellent examples of Being and the larger Consciousness, and their relationship. We are all like waves.

Waves are generated due to the interaction of elements within the environment. They have a form, they have a substance, they have a life-force (power), and they have a life-cycle. They begin and end, and in between live out their Karma. Every wave is different. With a different history. There are so many kinds of waves – the joyful, happily-bursting-at-the-seams-ones, the angry, crashing-on-the-beach-ones, the neither-here-nor-there-ones, there are the going-dug-dug-ones … When they are born they are born out of the Ocean – the All-that-Is. And when they die, they disappear into All-that-Is, leaving no trace of their ever being there. When they live, they are separate from the Ocean, yet very much part of it. All waves put together do not make the ocean – the whole is much much larger than the sum of the parts. All waves, though, live out their destiny finally on the beach, traces of their life and their destiny leave their marks in endless patterns as they sigh out their ending endlessly.

If I were a wave, I would be naïve to believe that I affect the ocean. I do and I don’t. I would be naïve to believe that my coming and going has any impact on the other waves or the rest of the ocean. It does and it doesn’t. I would be naïve to believe that even a large collection of waves can alter the destiny of the Ocean. It would and it wouldn’t. I would be naïve to think that all the patterns on the sand and beach are made by me. I do and I don’t.

So, my thought for the day is – it is best that like the wave, I enjoy the force that generates me, moves me. That I go where it takes me rather than fighting it to go up or down or in every other direction than that which is meant. That I best be the best of me than to be everything else other than me, to fulfill my creation, knowing that when I go, I shall leave no trace, no memories, just frothy, momentary bubbles ….


2 thoughts on “My Wave Theory

  1. It is always better to surrender yourself to the law that binds us all. Waves forming or crashing down is all part of nature, no matter how hard they might try, they can not defy that.We also are part of the same nature, bound together with the other forces of the universe.Enjoyed reading your take on this.

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