Spring Tree

“is this the way it feels, to be a Spring Tree”, i asked, stretching myself to the ends of every inch of myself.

You smiled… stretched yourself a bit too.

“is this the way it feels, after a hard winter that has shed your leaves and dried your bark, to feel fresh life course through you?” i asked, taking a deep, deep, breath …

“to feel fresh little leaves spring out of you, in honour of Life”
“and anticipate the birth of tiny buds that will burst into blossoms”
“and know that, come summer, the self will be replete with leaves, blossoms and fruit …”
“happily burdened with chirping birds, romping squirrels”
“branches bending under the weight of swings and merry children in flight on them…”

You smiled in understanding having gone through centuries of such birth cycles.

in quiet companionship we stretched out our arms at the sky, dug in deep our roots
children of the cosmos.


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