Another World is happening …

I believe we are going through some very interesting times. We are witnessing the turning of the wheel, the changing of the tide, the ending of the night, and so on… We can see this in the little things, in the big things. We see more and more people wanting something different. More and more rejecting things that didn’t work. More and more moving towards better, more workable systems. We are experiencing The Butterfly Effect.

And this is the way we can expect the “revolution” to happen. Not in a machismo, superhero, blast-one’s-way-out-of-the-hole type of thingy … but just a quiet move away from things that no longer serve their purpose towards things that lead to a happier and more peaceful lifestyle.

It may be visible in that more and more parents opt out for a non-aggressive education system for their children, that doesn’t churn out Einsteins, but engages the child in blossoming to his/her own potential. We see more and more people opting out for alternative medicinal systems moving away from the invasive, non-supporting systems. We see more and more people taking care of themselves, their families, their extended families, their young, old and disabled. Eating better food. Wearing more natural clothes. We see more and more open systems, free exchanges taking place, sharing information, being more open and transparent about feelings and thoughts. More and more movies are not so much about conquering as they are about resolving things. More and more people opt for a different, healthier government. More and more people are opting for jobs that satisfy than jobs that just pay.

This tide that seems to be turning is happening for one reason alone … people have decided to change. People have started making different personal choices. People have decided to want something else.

The beauty of this change is in its innocuousness. In its very non-aggression. In its very simplicity. Every era had its mode of change and this era promises a non-violent one. The only way to deal with the enormity of the situation which is difficult to perceive or see.

It is going to be fun to watch the future !


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