Traditional Foods

I was looking for some information on Korra – Fox millet – when I came across this site with loads of recipes on traditional grains/ seeds and traditional recipes.

I realised how much we have routinized out food intake … no plurality in our food. The only variety sought is in some vague foreign cuisine for which I can’t find most of the ingredients ! This site inspired me to look at the daily diet of the family. And felt that it is so strange but true – the family’s health is in the woman’s hands – the decisions about what to cook, how to cook and the kinds of food that the family will eat … all of these can be easily influenced by the mistress of the home ! And I thought maybe I should exercise some of my so-called “powers”…

When it comes to food, I feel quite strait-jacketed with the influence of the burgers, pizzas and pastries combo. The kids and probably the adults too are so much in the grip of what is “in”, that anything out of this ordinary, gets rejected.

I have decided to battle this – starting with myself – and see if I can slowly influence the kinds of food that the family eats.


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