What’s erotic for women ?

I was reading one of the links from an article on the Filament magazine …. the article was ripping the issue of erotica for women

i wondered whether it was doubly difficult for men to be ‘attractive’ to women than it was for women to be to men. Going by the standard standards (i assume), women have the burden of being physically attractive in right physical proportions and a certain attitude of willingness to be a turn on. But for men might it be a tad more difficult ? Good looks might evoke an interest but may not be a turn on to women …

As I continued reading the article, I realised that men probably don’t have it easy. Being willing gets them nowhere, and well muscled body might just get dismissed as a show-off. The author says “Women just don’t respond to visual stimuli in the same way that men do…. neither to hairless, feminine ones nor perfectly honed, six pack-flexing, chiselled hunks. A man who can make a woman laugh is worth ten of either type”.

Another person says in a comment to the article that men are more attractive than boys (unlike for the feminine gender where the formula of younger-the-better goes) … “A life lived leaves its traces in laughter lines around the mouth and crinkly eyes that twinkle… Men aren’t psychic, they learn how to be men and love through experience, through living and loving a woman genuinely… the man in the uniform is classically attractive because men with the character and commitment to serve a greater cause than his own whims can usually be relied up to have honour, integrity, courage… virtues that women associate with virility….”

hmmmm … all qualities that cannot be “cultivated” or just “groomed”. Yep. Men don’t have it easy.


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