Mind Games

One of the most interesting things I learnt this month was the kind of games that the Mind can play. If one sufficiently disconnects from the mind, a task not so easy to achieve, one can actually watch the antics of the mind. The Mind is a very bad Master, but an extremely engaging and obedient Servant. Besides this, it answers every question posed to it honestly. Since it loves itself like no other and any question to understand the self or the mind further is a treat it loves – answers. It answers in a language and format which is familiar to itself, in motifs and symbols which it has related with so far in life. The question can lead one into its darkest depths of the psyche and express what resides there or it can soar into the brightest heights of the consciousness.

The Mind can show one the Divine, the Demon, the Universe within and without, the mysteries of one own true nature and everything and all in between, in colours and images that can beat any of that of Discovery or Nat Geo channels. All of these consistent with one’s background, learnings so far, beliefs and personal experiences. Hence a Hindu can see a god from the Hindu pantheon, while a Rationalist can see a logical, rational, maybe mathematical symbol. Whatever appeals.

The trick is to not get caught up with the language, with the Story, but to understand the underlying message. Because of the brilliance of its presentation, the language is seductive and mesmerizing and is very easy to ‘trip’ on. The Truth, however, is not in the language of the expression. It is not the god or the mathematical symbol one ‘sees’ but the message it implies. If one can sufficiently disengage from the language, from the pain or the joy it generates, the underlying message can be extremely revealing – revealing of the true nature of things.

After the orgasmic glory of the mind’s revelation, one expects the message to be as dramatic and soul-shattering. The message, however, is very rarely complicated – it is almost always simple. So simple that it is hard to understand or express.

The Truth, as Is, is simple. And always, always, leads one into Tranquility.


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