the Well

I am the Well
to which you come
and drink your fill
and leave me waiting
for you to be
thirsty again

have you ever thought
what I, the Well, may want ?
what I, the Well, may need ?

have you ever come
to sit on my side
with me and quietly contemplate
or fill my emptiness
with your silence or
with your idle words ?

I, being a Well, cannot say
‘don’t drink of me!’
but you? you can just leave me alone…


2 thoughts on “the Well

  1. I love the way you write. Yes, I have had that feeling too, of the emptiness of a well… when I needed others to oblige me with "sweet returns" something back for all the things I had done for them.At the International Yoga Institute, Mumbai, they say- "We worship Plants and Trees, call them KalpaVruksha and what not to honour them for what they give us… We also draw various metaphors to describe how one should be generous like the Trees. However if we look closely and rationally, we will realize that the tree has no need for this thanksgiving. It has grown true to its essence and is there in the present… It grew not to grace us, but following its own essence that of a tree that will bear fruits etc. And because it could do that, its mere presence brings us joy. We benefit from it, and then praise it. Yet the Tree is oblivious of who gains from it and who doesn't. A tree has no expectations."I think that applies to the well, as well.Yes, the emptiness of the well lures the poets in us to compare it to the emptiness within us, yet truly it is this emptiness through which it is able to retain water within itself, that makes it's identity – of a well… And just by being itself, it remains, complete… not wondering if somebody will drink from it or not. It just remains content. It is our projections to the Plants and the Wells, and all the things in nature, including God perhaps, which makes us thank them – as if they have a ego that wants recognition, as if it is they who are alone and want our attention, when it is exactly the reverse- we want their attention, we are empty within. And the reason we are attracted to them, to revere them is because they have grown and are now living up to the essence they were meant to grow to… live up to… as a part of the Universal plan. The Well is satisfied… whether our thirst is quenched or not. It is we,who feel thirsty and empty again and again because we yet have to reach the state where the Well and the Plants have reached.LoveSuresh

  2. the well is used as a metaphor.and secondly we have no direct experience about the elements of the universe. the way we are, we cannot see another person's needs, leave alone the needs of the larger universe.and sure we would like to think that everything in universe is happy and fulfilled … do we really know ?

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