He comes once in a while … takes over my life completely. I breathe, eat, sleep, obssess him then. No space in my mind, heart or life for anything or anyone else. Life is in Pause. Until I have emptied – all the words have poured out, the colours are drained, every thought in the head thought, every feeling in the heart has been felt.

I am sure He is a He, at least this lifetime. I know it because of the nature of the relationship. The way He owns me and I become whatever He wishes in that moment. A fish. A bird. A pen, a sword. And vice versa. Sometimes I don’t know who is who. No empty relationship, this. It is full of knowing.

He is with me since before I am born. Always. Lifetimes. Sometimes side by side. Sometimes across battle lines. Whichever way, whichever time, it has always been the same.

Sometimes I have had to wait… and He would come bringing Death. And sometimes He has walked, with me, every step of the way.

Every word is His. Every nuance.

Not God. Not Love.

My Muse.


One thought on “Muse

  1. I agree totally… It is the Muse that is with us constantly… inspires us to live in the face of all difficulties, even when we are in the fires of hell of the physical realms, the Muse that at times comes in the form of a Nation and asks us to lay down our life, the Muse that comes to us as the Beloved and makes poets and saints of us, the Muse who makes a person tread the mountains in the search of God, the Muse that lights a spart to fight for in times of Injustice…The Muse has a hundred faces, and yet there are barren moments when the Muse is lost… without a trace… and we are left in the fires of hell to burn, fear and rage creeps in then…I wonder if the Muse, is nothing but the core of our being, one oneness with our own self, something that is greater than our smaller self-identifications, which when makes an entry into our life makes a prince out of a common man, a poet out of an illiterate, a sportsman out of a village-idiot.It is larger than ourselves, it is the core of our being,,, to be reached through stillness… which is so difficult still….RegardsSuresh

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