… watching

I sat there next to you
watching you watching me

“what do you see ?”
you looked askance
but did not reply

“what do you see ?”, i insisted
you sighed
“if I tell you, you might die in fright”

“but I want to know..”, again I insisted.

“Then watch …!”, you ordered imperiously.

i decided to perch next to you
at your vantage point
that gave you an excellent view of me.

i watched with you
my antics and my gyrations
and all those little and big things
which make me all of me

i understood why you so often laugh
as I too felt immense bubbles of laughter
pealing out from inside me

i also understood
your love for me then.

“you’d die for me, won’t you?”
my eyes deep pools of understanding

“no …” you corrected me gently
“i’d live for you….”


2 thoughts on “… watching

  1. You may not be Perfect in the eyes of God/Goddess/Gods yet…(as you mentioned in one of your previous articles- the Alchemist)But you Radha, in my eyes, have transformed into a beautiful poetess.Cheers!Straight from the heartSuresh

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