the Alchemist

“i’m burning”, I cry,
my frozen sparks exploding sky high
while You pump your bellows leisurely

once in a while You singe me
with the cool spray of Your smile
my wafting steam shivering in joy

anxious and afraid, I cry out
“don’t look away! a moment and
i might end up consumed or charred”

You laugh carelessly and scoff
“Fool! the flames will only melt away
those foolish knots of your resistance”

a beat of time …
i slowly and inevitably melt
in Your simmering intensity

“hmmm ….”, you say, satisfied
“your Soul-cells are melding perfectly !”

and happily continue with the bellows ….


5 thoughts on “the Alchemist

  1. Thanks for that poem,It acts like a balm, as I burn…He/She wants us to be Perfect… Let me be moulded right under his hammer, than be thrown into the waste-bin..ThanksLoveSuresh

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