“I’ve been waiting for you”. “Where have you been?”

“Oh, here and there!”, I tossed carelessly

“Has my time come now?”, I asked a little anxiously.

“No, it hasn’t. I am here because you asked for an angel”.

Incredulous, I stared, “But you are an Angel of Death!”


Wisely, I kept my mouth shut.


“Carry me !” I cried out in demand
The rushing sight and sound of the waves
Filled me with fear.

“And if I don’t?” .. you toyed with me.

“I shall stay here by the shore forever”
“This place is as good as any place else!”.


“I too want to reach the top”, I cried petulantly,
as I sighted the mountain climbers
labouring and triumphant !

“But how can you? You are but a mountain stream…”, you gently mocked.


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