A new game !

I am tired. Of complaining, cribbing, griping, being sarcastic, defending, showing to be better, shamming, making snide remarks, judging, maligning, being suspicious, seeing conspiracies, raging….

I am tired of doing all these things all the time. Fed up of the little and large games I seem to unconsciously and consciously play. Bored of it. Bored of the rut it keeps me in. Always the same … same reactions, same insecurities, fears, and complexes. Its B.O.R.I.N.G.

I would like to break the pattern. See something afresh. Without judgement. With wonder and awe. With innocence, uncorrupted by past experiences. The way I felt the Timbaktu monsoon. The way I read Binu’s poem.

I would like to see the world upside down. Viewpoints upside down. Judgements reversed.

A new game. With myself.


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