Heal, Mimi, heal !

I always wondered why some things happen the way they happen, when they happen. The larger Cosmic design is not visible, but slowly the picture unravels and there is this ‘ah-ha!’ moment, where it is understood.

Mimi is like this for me. Mimi is a dog. Our dog. My dog.

I had never had any love for dogs. I had kept aways from them. I hated being licked. And always wondered what goes on in their minds. Hence, it was a surprise to me how and what made me bring Mimi home. When doors are closed, it is said, that the Universe always leaves a window open. Mimi is my window.

Her utter devotion, her total love have brought peace and solace to my heart. Her gaze makes me wonder whether I am as wonderful as she thinks I am. Her utter delight at being with me and being touched fills up holes in my soul. She came at a time when I must have needed her most. When I needed this kind of love which asks for nothing but gives everything. She became a companion in my time of utter need. She walked paths with me which were dark and lonely. Yes, Mimi has filled many holes in my Soul.

The more I go along in Life, the more certain I have become at the just-ness of the Universe. I am completely convinced about its generosity, its ability to absorb and return, at the sheer appropriateness of happenings. It gives us exactly what we need.

Mimi is a living example.


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