A friend put up a link on facebook. It was on Simplicity.

I feel if we begin to listen hard, life has pointers and messages in every corner. Its upto us to discover and understand them. There is Serendipity in every moment, every word, every instance. I consider this link too a pointer, a message. When I read the link, it reminded me all that I had started out life with. It reminded me of my dreams, of what was important to me then, at that time, at the beginning of my journey. Looking back I suddenly realised how far off-path I had moved. Today, I was in a place I never intended to be, with things and issues I never had intended to accummulate.

I had been an advocate of ‘less is more’, ‘travel light’, ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’, etc.etc. And here I find myself with more ‘assets’ than I need, with more ‘baggage’ than I can carry, and completely mo(e)ssed up ! And I said to myself, ‘Hey ! Who are you?’. I didn’t know this person who clung to bits and pieces of the past, who hung on to memories good and bad, who refused to throw out that old bit of paper picked up on a memorable journey. I looked around me. 90% of the things in the house were things which we/ I had not used in years. Can you believe it (?!) old bottles, torn comics, old schoolbooks, switches, zillion pens (!) torches and wires that were useless and didn’t work, keys with no locks and locks with no keys (for heaven’s sake!), yellowed clothes several sizes small (no, the clothes hadn’t become small, I had become large !) … These were things which were useless. But even among the useful stuff, I had too much, too many. Did I need so many clothes? so many towels ? such a big apartment? so many pillows or bedsheets or plates or spoons or TVs or telephones ….

I find my soul similary cluttered and filled with baggage of old emotions, old memories. I find it impossible to let go of an old hurt, for example. I cling and clutch at it. The more I examine this the more I find the needlessness of clinging. Old emotions, which have remained and stained my being. Incidents which I do not remember but has left its shadow.

For me this ‘seeing’ redefined simplicity, travelling light, rolling stone …. I suddenly realised that maybe we fear simplicity and the spartan because we connect it with ‘lack’, with ‘not enough’. But actually Simplicity is much simpler than that. It is connected with letting go of that which is not needed anymore. Travelling light meant just that – to carry what is required in this moment. Rolling stone meant to move on in life.

Thanks, Arun.

(Arun, btw, is the brother of a school friend whom I have not seen in 30 years. I had never interacted with Arun even when we were in school, though crazily enough he is on my facebook contacts today ! Its odd, these connections and what they bring … but I will go by that road some other time.)


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