God of Lesser Things

“Take what you are being given … in that will lie your salvation”, said my Muse as I struggled with myself, trying not to settle for “less”, trying to hang on to wanting the “true”, the “ultimate”.

I gave in. I took what I was being given. And in it lay my salvation.

What was taken with reluctance became a gift.

The little path, which felt rather like a diversion, led me into un-paralleled vistas. It opened up free skies, let loose a singing wind, a blazing sun, and a whole new world within me.

My engagement with something ‘smaller’, ‘lesser’ did not corrupt me. It did not dilute my quest. On the other hand it connected me to another, added another dimension to my understanding, made me closer to whole. It taught me that the Universe has many ways to fulfill one’s dreams.

How many times I have rejected such bounties from the Universe in my mistaken belief that the ‘real’ was something else? Come to think of it, considering that I had never seen or experienced ‘truth’, how do I know what I encounter is not truth itself, or part of it?

I pray, that I shall never again judge what You give, but take it with immense gratitude.


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