Who wants to be the next Messiah ?

I keep wondering when the next Christ, Buddha, Mohammed will come. The next saviour. The guy or gal who will bail us out. I keep wondering what kind of person this will be keeping in mind the technological advances made since the last messiah appeared. Will we recognize him/ her? What will be his/ her message? Will he/ she be the X-Men type or the Jap version of Anime ? With super-powers? Will the means and methods be violence-ridden? What new quantum leap will be made to take us all across this spiritual abyss that we are facing?

I have searched and searched. Read about the various philosophies and teachings of the Teachers. About the new-age Indigo and Crystal children. About the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a New Age. About Earth Ascension. About the Polar Flip and what not … the list is endless. And the internet is filled with writings, channelings, visions, and what not. The internet is of course filled with anything one wants, but that’s beside the point.

All the search and the resulting readings went only to show that there was a deep need within the psyche of humanity that is seeking a way-out. Somewhere it is clear that we have reached a saturation point. That we have engorged ourselves so much that we need a crap. The pressure has built and is looking for a way of release without an explosion. That a little bit more and we will self-destruct, implode.

One can feeeeel the collective palpitations, the throb of each heartbeat of the society. And we wait for the New Messiah. The Kalki. The X-men. The Super, Spider, Bat, … and what-not men. Not to leave the gals behind. We look for our very own Super-Hero whose first sighting will waft a collective sigh of relief across the landscape. The first flutter of hope that the future is still possible.

So, hey, there’s a job lying vacant there! Who wants to be the next Messiah ?


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