Indian advertising comes of age !

I find myself more interested in the ads on TV, nowadays, than the programs themselves. And when there is a new ad, it becomes all the more interesting to wait for the punch line !

I wish we could have a Filmfare or Zee TV awards kind of concept for even ads. I know within the advertising world, the awards are there. But imagine a public, for all, awards for ads ? Which one would I vote for ? The Vodafone Pug ad ? The Airtel ad ? The Fevicol ad ? or the Amway ad? Remember the “I think you’re just right for Amul Chocolate”? Each one seem to be better than the other – in the manner in which they engage you for the moment and stay with you later. They are like little movies – with specacular visuals, impressive acting, entertaining scripts et al. Come on, even BSNL has jazzed up its ads !

What I enjoy is the way the uniquely ‘indian’ flavour is caught in these ads. The colours of Rajasthan, the spirit in a middle class neighbourhood, the passion of a young one seeking. And for heaven’s sake where do they get the characters from ? I mean the Kurkure’s Dard-e-disco guy takes the cake ! Or “Chulbuli” of the shampoo ad ?

So… to some more of such continuing enjoyment of Indian Ads !


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