Just this morning, I went for a drive on a beautiful stretch of the beach road … parked wherever and whenever I felt like it, let the breeze blow on my face and heard the sea out …

Life seemed to be in a place which I was afraid of since beginning of time. A place of “poverty” with no dreams, no cause and of course a spectre of material poverty too !! The future seemed hopeless.

And suddenly with the sun and breeze on my face, it didn’t feel so bad, after all. It wasn’t as fearsome as I had imagined it would be. In fact I felt I was rather fortunate to be there, enjoying the psychological place I was terrified of, in a physically beautiful place ! the contradiction was quite amusing. I mean, who gets to enjoy such a depression in such luxury ?

And what occurred to me is the timelessness … of the sea, the sky, the rhythm of life which one can actually hear and feel if one pays attention.

The immediate future with its looming recession, which is dark, dank and stifling, the fear that takes away one’s breath and leaves the chest hard, the feeling that where would it all take us, seemed so real yet so far.

And I said to myself, when we go travelling, there are bad patches on road – some small, some that stretch out … potholes, stones, bumps and what not. Sometimes there is an additional excitement of a rainy night, with no lights too ! All that one can do during this time is to drive slowly, and carefully … knowing that the speed that we and the vehicle is capable of is not for this time … that now we need to bring forth our patience, our ability to do with little, maybe just sit out the storm and then move along…

Its a time that we slow down enough to be able to see the flowers on the road, see the flight of the bird which we would otherwise miss in our speed. Its a time to understand the heat of the Sun. Understand the power of the Universe. Its a time that allows us to bring matters into perspective.

Its a time to enjoy the climb which we have made. A time to re-think, re-look, re-examine… A time to change our paths and direction if need be. Its a time to co-operate and not compete. The opportunities this times gives us is many. Realistically it will bring prices down, it will break monopolies, it will stop the wars because there is no money to fight. It will change political priorities and structures. It might unify humanity to fight a common battle.

Bad things, too, can happen of course. It might also be possible that if we do not dig into our maturity, we might destroy others to gain a foothold. We might kill the weaker to survive. We might steal from the hungry to stock up our godowns. Black market will definitely flourish. Many can of course be left behind, be ‘lost’. There might be casualties. We might lose things, people, we love.

But these are debts to be paid, as a collective. A debt of choices which the collective has made which sometimes needs to be paid individually.

I trust in this time … after this period, after this night is done, we might see a dawn that is unexpected. We might see that we are friends with people whom we never thought we would co-operate with. We may feel pride in our resilience. Our children will learn to be more careful – to not do what their parents’ have done. Our children will build, save, put up systems that will be more realistic in the current time.

Its a gift. Its all good. Like Rahim says in Kiterunner, its a chance to be good, to right the wrongs.

Do I play god ? do I enjoy this ? i do not know. Maybe somewhere I feel vindicated. Feel that somewhere in the Universe there is a much larger Justice than what my pea-sized brain can comprehend. On behalf of the other half that has been left behind … that most likely will not survive this night. If nothing else, we might at least have this.

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