Astro, oh, astro !

You know what it’s like. Your eyes meet across a crowded room. Your heart flutters not a little. And in no time at all you’re involved in animated conversation and a passionate embrace. But, hold on – you’re an astrologer remember, so the first thing you do is grab his birth details (no, no, you can grab the other bits later!) and rush to the computer.

“You want to look at his chart?” Do I heck! Who cares about his chart?! No, what I want to see is the ***Synastry***

Hmmm, a few nice contacts here and there but..oh a few not-so-nice contacts also, but never mind, we can ignore those for the moment and go back and check them when the rose-tinted phase is over (in about 3 – 6 months’ time on average). However, no Mars/Venus contacts.

Not to worry, we’ve got the Composite to look at yet – and yes, there is some juicy stuff there but…still no sign of that elusive Venus/Mars aspect. Nil desperandum! Time to consult Draconics and Midpoints…

Draconic-Draconic, Natal-Draconic, Draconic-Natal. His midpoints to my natal, my midpoints to his…. Damn! We now have virtually every planet and point in both charts aspecting each other, in some instances several times over. But still the Mars/Venus eludes us….

Time for desperate measures. I reach for the top shelf and find my trusty guide, “Very Obscure Aspects” (or “Last Resort Synastry”). And there at last, as a footnote on page 69, I find it! The trisepticnovilovidovisextile!! YESSSSSS! Blissful rapture! My Venus is triseptilovidoviwotsit his Mars! Oh dear, it’s 3 degrees wide of exact

But I don’t care! It still counts, so he must be the love of my life. I knew it !
We will live happily ever after …


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