Quantum Calling

Dug deep, deep into myself
pulled out the plug
that kept me caged and impotent
release of a life force that demands to be lived
throbbing through bone and muscle
vein and cell
setting off ropes of electricity

its getting in touch with a reality of a Self that is possible
that exists but is as yet unawakened
ignored, and imprisoned
by a mockery of petulant fears
petty insecurities
and irritating, pitiful restrictions
a force that slashes through them all
and shows me, forces me to see
what i can be
what i need to be

all definitions of love in spoken language
seem narrow, non-encompassing
where love boldly leaps over barriers
of age, gender, colour, community and all else
to engage with humanity as a whole
with the universe as a whole
an engagement and exchange
that fosters togetherness in new ways

all experience of sex and resulting orgasms
seem as yet un-explored, uni-dimensional
and reveals
the possibility that exists
for the body to experience and understand
connection, unity and union of
soul, spirit and body
a connection that cannot be contained
but needs to explode over imagined margins
of a small mind

all definitions of integrity and commitment
seem so lacking in depth and definition
the force quietly breathes out and expands
deepens, broadens,
to an immeasurable infinity
one’s understanding of relationships
to the bird, to the flower, to the leaf
to the child on the street, to the man on the cycle
to the woman carrying the waterpot
to the bus driver, to the fellow passenger
to the friend, lover, parent, sons and daughters,
family, society and all else

one understands oneself
inside out
outside in
upside down
and every which way
and leaves one
with a deep, deep appreciation
of Life
of Self
of Another


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