To touch a Butterfly

Butterflies are mystical, magical creatures. They are born through death and transformation of another. They can only happen through the willingness and the choice of the Caterpillar to let itself go, to give itself up.

They are a constant reminder from the Universe to pay attention to what is fragile in us – to what may otherwise seem frivolous, flighty, flitty. For our attention to it brings us pure delight, pure joy, pure appreciation of a part of Universe.

Sometimes they can trigger convulsive needs within us … to own it, to hold it, to grasp it. And in our desperation of wanting it, we only end up destroying it. We learn that the only way to touch a butterfly is when it touches us … there is no other way. For if we are to love a butterfly, we have to let it go.

The butterfly is a powerful creature. Its power lies in its fragility. In allowing itself to be destroyed by a mere touch, it gains its freedom. Its power is in the power it generates in us, the power generated by the desire to let go, the power of restraint not to reach out and grasp, the power of sublimation, the power of love which makes something else more important than ourselves. And in letting it go, we reach within us a place that can be reached only through a leap of faith.


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