Lilith – an Enigma

The wounding of the feminine has been in place since time immemorial. The Holy Bible is a good example of feminine wounding in the stories about Lilith and how demonised she became. In archaeological digs, curious looking bowls were found dating back to 600 A.D. which depicted Lilith heavily bound in chains, binding her as a demon.

Lilith was borne from the moons’ diminishment and is about rage against submission and the Madonna/whore split and how it has been perpetuated in a patriarchal society, worshipped on the one hand, demonised on the other. Liliths’ story was distorted over time and she became something evil, angry, destructive, and frightening to both sexes.

Lilith represents the personal and collective feminine shadow. Lilith is true to herself but has been in exile since the age of Taurus, the peak of the Goddess culture, because she was at odds with the patriarchal energy. Lilith is concerned with justice and truth, not the ego, which wants to be happy. She is a transpersonal energy and pushes us into difficult situations. Lilith remembers the Goddess energy when the male was the Consort and often the sacrifice. The Lilith archetype will break taboos, pushing the boundaries, breaking down barriers and creating anarchy. Lilith has more potential for creativity as she is connected to the Great Goddess.

The Black Moon Lilith encompasses a lot of the energy of the black moon and therefore the unconscious forces. It is often in the second part of life that her energies become apparent, often during the crone or wise woman time. Lilith challenges us to face ourselves and own up to our anger.

There is a fascination with her as we seem to not be able to live with Lilith, nor can we live without her. Lilith rebels against subservience, as she wanted equality but not control. There is a theme of banishment and exile, and internal marginalisation. We are challenged to bring our power back out of exile and if we do not, the energy becomes destructive.

Part of the truth of Lilith is to be true to that energy, embracing it and finding a way to express it without alienation. Lilith also compels us to experience periodic time out or exile and spend time away from others, to renew the self, going to the metaphorical menstrual hut. Pure Lilith energy is instinctual and demands acknowledgement, if not, there is often a heavy sacrifice. To allow and honour death, pain and grief is to make that tribute. Our society sanitises grief and pain, not allowing it its full consideration. We may need to go back to our childhood and look at feelings of persecution, disempowerment and work out a way to re-empower ourselves without the necessity of bullying and ‘power-over’ tactics.


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