If we go to any place silent, where we can hear our heart beat and we listen to its beating, and feel what our skin feels, listen to what our ears hear, smell what our nose smells, look at with attention what our eyes see … suddenly, the barriers fall … its like a free-fall into the Universe and all that it holds … suddenly there seems to be no separation between various elements, even time ! Everything feels a part of everything … joy fills the heart, bubbles over and flows into every crevice, every cell, and the body fills up like an empty container with the elements of the universe which it has perceived. Love seems a completely different emotion then … completely enriching and fulfilling … beyond ownership, beyond belonging. It is EVERYWHERE. In EVERYTHING. In EVERYONE.

And the words of this song hold new meaning …

Main dekhoon jis or sakhi ri
Samne mere Saanwariya ….

(Wherever I look, I see You)


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