I had watched the movie “Kite Runner” … I had read the book some time back (and it had made me cry). I was inspired by the Kites in the story ! I drew a couple of kites on the paper but somehow the picture wouldn’t come. I saw red kites, blue kites, yellow kites, kites of every pattern and colour and hue … but the picture just didn’t come together. The pencil scratches of kites on paper remained … with no colour, no life.
In these days I went back to the book and read it again and lived through Amir’s and Hassan’s life and their storms, with the Kites in the background always … and I wondered at their Karma, and the strings that seemed to pull them together and apart all the time with no will of their own.
The picture took birth and I named it “Strings” … for do we ever know who pulls our strings in Life ?

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